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Are you in need of a pediatric doctor for your child? Avail pediatric consultations online and get instant medical advice on your child’s health. Our doctors take optimum care to assess children’s complications and deliver a right treatment plan.

What Pediatricians or Child Specialists Do?

A child specialist, better known as pediatrician, specialises in taking care of children’s health. They are qualified doctors with specialisation in pediatric science, or the treatment of children. mfine child specialist doctors can:

  • Perform thorough physical analysis and examination of a child
  • Have special skills to take care of children’s health
  • Understand children’s health complications
  • Help children to meet their milestones in overall development, growth, skills and behaviour
  • Provide child’s health, nutrition, fitness, and safety advice
  • Suggest preventive care and treatment
  • Provide accurate diagnosis
  • Deliver primary level care
  • Possess experience in recognising and treating children’s illnesses


mfine's child specialists:

Our child specialists can treat infections, injuries, and common health problems in children.

  • All types of Fevers: Children’s fever can be alarming as their temperature shoots high. Don’t panic! Consult with pediatricians online for preliminary treatment and care.
  • Child Vaccination: Consult with the best pediatricians online to know more about children’s vaccination and time. It's important that you don't miss any.
  • Cough & Cold: If your child is suffering from cold, has a runny nose and throat ache, consult with mfine's pediatricians online for the right treatment and quick relief.
  • Stomach Infection: Children develop stomach infections too often. Symptoms include vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain, gas, and bloating. In such cases, get prescribed medicines online from the best pediatricians.
  • Infectious Diseases: Any infectious disease affecting children needs immediate treatment. Get help immediately through online consultations with top pediatricians on mfine.
  • Respiratory Diseases: Children with asthma, allergies, lung infections, pneumonia, and respiratory tract infections both upper and lower, need expert medical attention. We provide the right preliminary care that'll help relieve the symptoms.


Top Pediatricians on mfine

mfine is that one platform that'll put you in touch with the best pediatricians out there. You get to consult with them online within 60 seconds. Child specialists prescribe medicines after assessing the condition of your child and plan an immediate course of action at the preliminary stage.


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