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Aster CMI Hospital

Aster CMI Hospital


Multi Speciality | Established 1986-12-31

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About Aster CMI Hospital

The Aster CMI hospital in Bangalore is a part of the long Aster DM Healthcare hospital chain that consists of over 280 hospitals spread across the globe. The hospital has access to some of the world’s top medical gadgets for effective patient treatment. The Aster CMI hospital doctor list consists of experts from various aspects of medicine like neuroscience and cardiology, thereby rightfully giving the hospital a multispecialty tag. The hospital is powered by secondary clinics and retail pharmacies from the Aster DM Healthcare thereby giving it a feel of a complete medical ecosystem.

Equipment/ Technology

PET scan, Gamma/SPECT scan, as well as theranostic equipment are just a few highlights of the advanced technologies used at Aster CMI hospital. The hospital also offers a 24x7 pediatric emergency care unit to take care of the patients. With dedicated operation theatres and emergency rooms, the hospital is fully equipped with all the necessary tools to help the doctor perform surgeries in the blink of an eye. The hospital supports one of the most advanced and well-equipped ICUs in India.  

Specialties Treated at Aster CMI hospital

  • Heart Surgery: The cardio surgery department at the Aster CMI hospital is extremely popular due to its high survival rate. With an exceptional team of cardiologists, the hospital is ready to take up complex cases of heart diseases. The hospital proudly presents its hi-tech equipment for precise robotic heart surgery in the state of Karnataka, India.
  • Kidney Transplant: The hospital also has hi-tech equipment that allows the doctors to carry out robotic kidney transplants with an extremely high accuracy.
  • Neonatal ICU care: The neonatal ICU care of the hospital takes care of newborn babies. The doctors here have saved several babies who had trouble breathing in the initial stages of their lives.
  • Organ Transplant: Apart from the kidney, the hospital supports the transplant operation for multiple other organs.
  • Women’s Health: The special women’s health division of Aster CMI in Bangalore takes care of women hygiene for pregnant ladies. The doctors here have dealt with complicated cases of pregnancy. They have saved several lives in cases where there was potential danger to the child’s and/or the mother’s life.
  • Child Intensive care: The child intensive care unit takes care of newborn babies that have trouble breathing in the first few days of their lives.
  • Child and adolescent health: The doctors at this hospital provide childcare tips to parents who are looking at hormonal changes within their children. These hormonal changes usually occur when the child is moving from puberty to adolescent stage.


No. 43/2, New Airport Road, NH.7, Sahakara Nagar, , Hebbal, Bangalore - 560092 Phone 080-4342-0100


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