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All you need to know about vomiting


Vomiting is a forceful discharge of stomach contents.

Approximately every person in the world has thrown up at least once, if not a number of times. [1]

- It could be because of cyclic vomiting syndrome or food poisoning, anesthesia, headaches, motion sickness, infections, medications, pregnancy, excessive alcohol or drug consumption, indigestion, etc.
- Other causes of vomiting include stress, ear infections, acid reflux or a case of gastroenteritis.

Usually, resolves in a short-term period. A lot of vomiting can even cause tooth decay. It could happen once or many times if an underlying condition is involved.


The symptoms depend on the varying causative health ailment.
Along with vomiting, people may experience
- Headaches
- Weakness
- Dry mouth
- Dark coloration of the urine
- Fever
- Decrease in urination
- Confusion
- Lethargy
- Fainting
- Vertigo
- Pain in the abdomen
- Pain in the chest
- Lightheadedness


Self-care: Stay hydrated and eat small quantities of food. You can eat non-greasy foodstuff, crackers, ginger ale, etc. Little quantities of clear, non-acidic juice can help.

Medications: Over the counter medicines to stop vomiting, like antiemetics help to protect the lining of the stomach. There are other medicines that help to stop vomiting.

Specialist: A medical professional must be consulted if the vomiting continues and headaches and abdominal pains are experienced. A doctor should be contacted immediately if there are spots of blood or matters that resemble coffee grounds, or if vomiting happens after an injury, especially an injury to the head. If the vomiting continues over a period of days, it is best to meet with a doctor to find the underlying problem. At mfine different areas of health issues are dealt with and you can choose the perfect treatment programme according to your needs.

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