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Skin and hair care should be a lifestyle. In today’s world, maintaining healthy skin and hair is becoming a task. Constant exposure to pollutants along with an unhealthy lifestyle are causing complications . Even if one notices abnormal signs-losing hair, premature graying, acne, rashes, and those tiny spots that are hardly visible to anyone’s eyes-they are usually neglected. Issues such as acne and hair fall eventually affect one's appearance and that’s when the search for help begins.

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It’s never too late. Any hair and skin issues you may have, we have our team of experts to help you out. Our dermatology experts are from top hospitals who are highly-experienced and well-known in their field of work.

Delivering the right medical care is our only priority. Dermatologists on our platform are here to listen to you and provide the right skin and hair care treatment suitable for your condition.


It’s simple. We are an AI-based healthcare app with experts from all specialities available online for your easy access. All the doctors on mfine platform are from our hospital partners across various cities. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to quality healthcare.

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We make your search for dermatology experts easier. Download the app now and get access to the top doctors in the city to get the right treatment for your skin and hair issues .

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